Community Giving and Sponsorships

Community Giving


At Chicory Wealth, it’s important for us to maintain vibrant relationships with the many communities with which we intersect. In fact, community engagement is one of the areas in which our practice was assessed to become a Certified B Corporation. We uphold this engagement through a number of avenues; for instance, we are members of several civic groups, including the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR), the American Sustainable Business Council-Social Venture Circle (ASBC-SVC), Business for Voting Rights, and Civic Alliance. We also support nonprofits in line with our mission through sponsorships (see below) and sponsor a holiday event each year through Maggie’s Giving Group to help raise funds for two charities. When we hold in-person events, we use local, diverse vendors, restaurants, and suppliers, and we hold an annual service project event, where we encourage our team members and clients to volunteer in their community.





In addition to the fundraiser we hold every year through Maggie’s Giving Group, each year we commit to sponsoring several nonprofit organizations within our communities. Our 2021 sponsorships include the organizations below. We hope you will check them out and support the good work they are doing:

  • COMPASSIONATE ATLANTA — A grassroots community-building non-profit seeking to raise awareness about the benefits of compassionate action throughout the Greater Atlanta area.
  • OAKHURST COOPERATE PRESCHOOL — A cooperative preschool in Decatur, GA, with the goal of creating a positive, secure environment that encourages children to become enthusiastic, lifelong learners and self-confident, caring adults.
  • CHICKEN & EGG PICTURES — A national nonprofit that supports women nonfiction filmmakers whose artful and innovative storytelling catalyzes social change for the world.
  • SAVING INNOCENCE — A California-based nonprofit that serves, empowers, and advocates for child victims of sex trafficking.
  • AS YOU SOW — A national non-profit foundation chartered to promote corporate social responsibility through shareholder advocacy, coalition building, and legal strategies.
  • DECATUR BOOK FESTIVAL — One of the largest independent book festivals in the country (located in Decatur, GA), with the goals of encouraging a love of reading, inquiry, and conversation in people of all ages; building an enthusiastic and inclusive community of readers and writers throughout the south; and sparking social, creative, and intellectual engagement.
  • THE WYLDE CENTER — An Atlanta area nonprofit offering educational programs, events, and green-spaces that actively engage youth, families, and individuals in their environment, health, and community.
  • WABE PUBLIC RADIO — A National Public Radio-affiliated public radio station located in Atlanta, GA, 90.1 FM.