Financial Planning for Younger Clients

The answer to when to start financial life planning is, of course, that it’s never too early. But different stages of life call for different types of services. Those early in a profession may be new to the financial decisions that come along with it and need a guide through the maze. And people who start out earlier rather than later will be better prepared for what comes along down the road. Chicory Wealth has services for millennials all the way through every stage of life – that’s why it’s called financial life planning.

These are some of the questions we can help answer:

  • Everyone says I should start planning for my “retirement,” but what does that mean, and how do I balance that with what I want and need to spend now?
  • What’s the best way to navigate my employee benefits package to take full advantage of what my employer offers?
  • Do I have enough protection in place for myself and my loved ones, without having too much or the wrong kind?
  • How do I manage my cash flow, along with my debts?
  • What if I start a family – how does that figure in?

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