We have much to celebrate as we head into the end of 2018.


We had our biggest year yet for Maggie’s Giving Group, raising a total of more than $14,000 for our two chosen charities, Malachi’s Storehouse and Refuge Coffee Co. Most of the donations were made at our holiday party on December 1st, but not all of them! Not all our clients live in the Atlanta area, and some who do were not able to attend, and still — many donated anyway. If you haven’t donated yet, it’s not too late to do so. Please watch this beautiful video about the charities, and consider donating here for Malachi’s Storehouse and here for Refuge Coffee Co.

click on the image below to watch the video

  • All who have donated to Malachi’s Storehouse and Refuge Coffee Co.
  • All who attended the holiday party — great fun!
  • The clients who nominated many worthy organizations to be considered for Maggie’s Giving Group this year.
  • The Maggie’s Giving Group Board Members for their hard work picking the charities, especially Rob Johnson, the chair of the MGG Board.
  • The folks from Malachi’s Storehouse and Refuge Coffee Co. working with us on this endeavor.
  • Clark Hill (ClarkHillCreative.com), who created the video above.
  • All of you who support Maggie’s Giving Group. You have helped us raise $114,000 for organizations in our community since we started in 2007!


We are also celebrating a successful first year as Chicory Wealth! This has been a year of much change and learning (quite an understatement), but because of an exceptional team, great technology, and amazing clients, we have navigated the waves with minimal disturbance and many accomplishments.



Have a joyous and meaningful holiday season.