Shareholder Advocacy

Some Chicory Wealth clients wish to use their shareholder status to advocate for corporate change. If you own stocks in a corporation, you can influence the management of the corporation in such areas as the environment, human rights, and democratic principles by voting for or against shareholder resolutions. This is called shareholder advocacy. The shareholder may vote in this way as an individual (online or by mail) or ask their financial advisor or broker to do it for them. Asking someone else to vote for them is called proxy voting, and Chicory Wealth is able to do proxy voting for those clients who want it.

Organizations involved with shareholder advocacy use strategies such as meeting with corporate managers about their concerns or submitting particular proxy resolutions on which the shareholders vote. Chicory Wealth works closely with several organizations involved with shareholder advocacy, including the Women Donors Network, As You Sow, Corporate Accountability, and others.