Sustainability and Wellbeing
in the Workplace

At Chicory Wealth, our mission statement captures our devotion to environmental stewardship, maintaining ethical and humane employment policies, being open and transparent in our operations, and connecting with the wider community: “The Chicory Wealth mission is to help our clients align their financial lives with their hopes and dreams for the future – for themselves, for others, and for the planet. We are part of the growing emphasis on using personal and collective resources for socially just relationships, sustainable economic development, and a healthy eco-system. As a business, we are committed to social and environmental stewardship and to helping others do the same.”

While we continue to monitor our policies and improve them when needed, here are a few of the ways we seek to fulfill this mission in the workplace:


Virtual Practice and Environmental Stewardship

Chicory Wealth made the decision to become an all-virtual practice in 2020, after having an office building in Decatur, Georgia since 2005. Of course the initial change occurred because of the pandemic, but our move to virtual began long before 2020. Our first virtual team member started in 2012, working from her home in Tennessee, and by the end of 2019, half of our team was working from home. We began transitioning to a paperless office in 2015 because it’s better for the environment and more secure. Also during the last few years, we have gradually added clients who live all over the country – a change made possible by improvements in virtual meeting platforms. When all our team members began working from home in 2020 due to the pandemic, we made the transition with relative ease. It soon became clear that an all-virtual practice made sense for us, most importantly because it reduces our carbon footprint dramatically, and we feel strongly about setting that example.

For Frequently Asked Questions about our VIRTUAL WORKPLACE, click HERE.



Workplace Wellbeing

Our team members work hard and always push themselves to do their best, but we also champion a healthy balance between work and downtime. This includes generous family leave and vacation policies, the encouragement of healthy breaks, team meetings where all voices are heard, and support of volunteerism and charitable giving.


Community Connection

Chicory Wealth supports numerous nonprofits and community groups in line with our mission listed above, usually through sponsorships. We use local, diverse vendors, restaurants, and suppliers whenever possible, and support our team’s volunteerism with local groups. We also sponsor a holiday event each year through Maggie’s Giving Group to help raise funds for two charities.


In 2020, Chicory Wealth became an employee-owned Certified B Corporation, which is part of this mission.