At Chicory Wealth we’re all about aligning resources with values to make the world a better place, so I want to share a recent experience I had that I believe exemplifies this. In September I was excited to be part of “An evening of bold action for climate justice” in San Francisco, hosted by the nonprofit organization Corporate Accountability.

If you haven’t heard of Corporate Accountability, let me tell you about them. Their mission is to stop transnational corporations from devastating democracy, trampling human rights, and destroying the planet. It’s a tall order, but they’ve got the track record to prove they’re up to the challenge. After all, this is the organization that launched the famous Nestlé boycott of the 1970s — a campaign credited with saving millions of infants’ lives from Nestlé’s unethical marketing practices — while establishing precedent-setting international policy to boot.

The organization uses an innovative approach to change the world for the better. Their strategies and tactics range from grassroots organizing and media visibility to international policy and shareholder activism. It’s all powered by donations from people around the globe who share their vision for the world. And they have a long history of partnership with the socially responsible investment community, so when I first learned of their work, I felt an immediate connection.

Right now, Corporate Accountability is out to achieve more precedent-setting wins on its campaign for climate justice. At the event in San Francisco, Corporate Accountability staff, advisers, supporters, and others got together to learn more and take action. With the recent U.N. climate report sounding a dire alarm, and the next round of global climate treaty talks coming up in December, their message couldn’t be more timely: The industries most responsible for climate change must not be allowed to set the rules. It’s time to remove Big Polluters’ stranglehold over climate policy, and advance true climate justice for people and the planet.

The event was a huge success: More than 60 attendees raised thousands of dollars and took a variety of different actions to directly advance Corporate Accountability’s lifesaving and groundbreaking campaigns. I hope you too will consider getting involved and taking action with Corporate Accountability. You can visit their website here.


Photo above: Maggie Kulyk (right) at the Corporate Accountability event on climate justice, with Joshua Fouts of Bioneers and Kamal El-Wattar of the host committee.