OUR MISSION at Chicory Wealth is “Integrating Money and Meaning.” We help people align their financial lives with their hopes and dreams for the future – for themselves, for others, and for the planet. We are part of the growing emphasis on using personal and collective resources for socially just relationships, sustainable economic development, and a healthy eco-system. As a business, we are committed to social and environmental stewardship and to helping others do the same.


Chicory Wealth is a fee-only financial planning and sustainable wealth management firm, meaning we accept no commissions and must always act only in our clients’ best interests. We provide holistic financial life planning services to individuals and nonprofit organizations. Our planning engagements cover cash flow management, insurance analysis, education planning, tax planning, estate planning, investments, retirement distribution planning, and charitable giving. Our investment strategies are centered on sustainable and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) screened investments. 


HISTORY. With a background in business and religious studies, Maggie Kulyk opened the private wealth advisory practice of Maggie Kulyk and Associates in Decatur, Georgia, in 2002, which became Chicory Wealth in 2018. Maggie has always been interested in helping people navigate their financial lives with ease, but she also focuses on the deeper story of money in human culture and how it operates symbolically in our lives. (Learn more about Maggie and her work in her book Integrating Money and Meaning: Practices for a Heart-Centered Life.) All of the advisors and team members at Chicory Wealth are now part of a thriving conversation about what it means to give and receive, and how personal and collective resources can lead to a transformed world.


OFFICES AND TEAM. Our main office is located in Decatur, Georgia, but we work with clients all over the country using virtual technology. Meet our team here.


True Communication

We care deeply for our clients and for each other. We strive to connect on a real and personal level, by listening first and speaking second.

The Whole Person

We believe money is not an end in itself; that it can and should serve the bigger picture.

Diligence and Joy

We work hard and push ourselves to do our best for our clients, but we also love fun! We champion healthy balance for all.

A Greater Good

Service to others is our life’s work and we’re passionate about it. And we believe our service to individuals ultimately serves the wider world.


Known for its beauty and perseverance, chicory flourishes where other plants can’t survive. Its deep roots and piercing blue flowers have been used throughout the ages for healing, as a flavoring, and in ritual ceremonies – an apt symbol of the balance between strength and beauty we strive to create for our clients.