Mission & Values

With a background in business and religious studies, Maggie Kulyk opened the private wealth advisory practice of Maggie Kulyk and Associates in Decatur, Georgia, in 2002, which became Chicory Wealth in 2018. Chicory Wealth provides holistic Financial Life Planning services to individuals and nonprofit organizations across the country, and we are a fee only practice. Our planning engagements cover cash flow management, insurance analysis, education planning, tax planning, estate planning, investments, retirement distribution planning, and charitable giving. Our investment strategies are centered on sustainable and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) screened investments. We are an all-virtual business, meeting with clients all over the country. Our mailing address is in Decatur, Georgia.



OUR MISSION at Chicory Wealth is “Integrating Money and Meaning.” We help people align their financial lives with their hopes and dreams for the future – for themselves, for others, and for the planet. We are part of the growing emphasis on using personal and collective resources for socially just relationships, sustainable economic development, and a healthy eco-system. As a business, we are committed to social and environmental stewardship and to helping others do the same.




SHARED SENSE OF PURPOSE: We are engaged in noble, meaningful work that creates enduring value for our clients, our communities, and the wider world.

COMPASSION: We strive to listen with the “ears of the heart” and to seek out the deeper meaning and bolder vision embedded in the stories shared with us. We encourage ourselves and our clients to use our resources in a way that serves the planet and future generations.

WISDOM: As advocates and guides, we offer encouragement and clarity, not simply technical knowledge. We continually strive to deepen our relationships, so we are able to offer the best possible insights at the most critical moments, leading to the optimal outcomes.

DEPENDABILITY: We are present and available during the joyous and tragic times, as well as the quieter, transitional moments in between.

AUTHENTICITY: We seek to be genuine and open in our connections with others, so we can uphold our commitment to the betterment of our clients and the world – for generations to come.



Known for its beauty and perseverance, chicory flourishes where other plants can’t survive. Its deep roots and piercing blue flowers have been used throughout the ages for healing, as a flavoring, and in ritual ceremonies – an apt symbol of the balance between strength and beauty we strive to create for our clients. Read our BLOG POST with more details about why we picked this amazing plant to represent us.