One Service for One Flat Fee: Financial Life Planning

To help you reach your courageous vision for a richer life – in every sense of the word

How Does It Work?

Every person or family is unique, but here are the basics of what we do:

  • Get to know you in a meaningful way, financially and interpersonally
  • Help you clarify your values and prioritize your hopes and dreams
  • Guide you in making the financial decisions unique to you
  • Develop a plan and help you implement it
  • Offer direct management of your investable assets using our ethically screened portfolios designed to match your risk tolerance, timeframe, and values
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Elements of a Financial Life Plan:

Cash Flow & Spending Plans

Retirement Savings

Investment Strategies

Tax Planning

Charitable Giving

Education & Other Savings

Estate Planning

Insurance Advice

Changing the Game

As a fiduciary, our first responsibility is always our clients’ best interest and transparency. For this reason, we’ve broken away from the pack and embraced a flat-fee model. Most fiduciary, fee-only advisory firms still use an “assets under management” (AUM) fee structure, which, to be frank, easily hides the true costs of doing business with them. We think the flat-fee model is not only the right way to do business, it’s a more conflict-free way of working with clients. We provide our best advice, always, on your entire financial life, and our compensation is not tied to where your money lives.

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One Fee

When you work with us, you pay one monthly fee for the entirety of our comprehensive financial life planning services, using a formula based on your income and net worth. For those who invest with us, this price includes investment management in our proprietary socially conscious portfolio of stocks.

Our Formula

The flat-fee cost is based on the following formula: 1% of your household’s gross income plus 0.5% of your household’s net worth. In many cases this fee structure will be less than what you might be currently paying other firms who are using a traditional AUM fee structure. Contact us to learn more.

“Integrating money and meaning is the perfect tagline for Chicory Wealth. It’s a wonderful feeling to have the level of trust I do with Chicory Wealth.”

This testimonial was provided by a current client of Chicory Wealth. This client was not compensated for this testimonial. No material conflicts of interest exist since this client was not compensated nor did this client receive any other benefit for providing this content.

Let us help you realize your financial goals and your vision for a better world.