You may or may not consider yourself to be “old” (and we likely all have different feelings about that label, as this New York Times article points out) – but we are all aging. Most of you reading this – the clients and friends of Chicory Wealth – are either in the second stage of your life, or you are caring for someone who is. We do ourselves a disservice if we deny the aging process in ourselves and our loved ones, so we want to help you navigate it with a sense of ease and even joy.


With that in mind, Chicory Wealth will soon be rolling out a number of new resources and tools with our clients to help you be proactive about the aging process, whether that is aimed at yourself, your parents, another family member or friend, or all of the above. These tools could cover a range of topics, but here are a few:


  • How to have a successful conversation around aging and finances
  • Preferences for end of life care and quality of life
  • Planning for health-care costs in the future
  • How to handle the loss of driving ability
  • Assigning financial caretakers and powers of attorney
  • Finding a continuing care facility


These tools are all designed to help you in the process of creating a healthy and proactive aging plan tailored to whatever your needs may be. You’ll be hearing more about this from your advisor, but feel free to ask us questions and let us know what you need!


And speaking of tools for being proactive about aging, check out our latest webinar with Certified Elder Law Attorney Victoria Collier discussing tax advantaged trust planning right here.