Climate Commitment

At the core of Chicory Wealth’s mission is a love of our planet and concern for its future. One way we show that love is through our commitment to being a carbon neutral business. As a Certified B Corp, we joined the B Corp Climate Collective in 2022 and made the “SME Climate Commitment” to become carbon neutral. We also partnered with carbon solutions platform Clearloop®, a Silicon Ranch Company, to help us offset the climate impact of our work and expand access to clean energy in distressed communities throughout the United States.

Even though Chicory Wealth is an all-virtual company, we do have a carbon footprint. Each of our employees works in a home office, and those offices consume energy. We also travel to work-related events and meetings, provide events for our clients, and purchase supplies. While we do try to reduce our impact (check out our Green Home Office Policy), we feel strongly that we must reclaim the amount of carbon we do create. After first calculating the amount of carbon we’re producing, we work with Clearloop to help develop solar projects that over their lifetime will displace the equivalent amount of carbon from traditional electricity production.



We are very excited about the project we’re currently helping support through Clearloop in Panola County, Mississippi. Clearloop is introducing two new solar projects into the region, which will begin providing clean energy for residents and businesses in 2024. Chicory Wealth’s support of a solar project in Panola County will remove over 237,000 pounds of carbon from the atmosphere and help increase equitable access to clean energy. When completed, these projects, which total 10 million watts, will collectively power up to 2,000 homes locally every year for the next 40 years and will prevent 786 million pounds of carbon from entering the atmosphere. These projects will help usher in clean energy jobs and spur economic investment in this region that vitally needs them. We are proud to partner with Clearloop to bring this project to life.


Chicory Wealth / Clearloop’s Panola County Project

  • Total: Building 5 million watts of new solar capacity
    • Chicory Wealth is supporting 3,981 watts of new solar capacity totaling 9 solar panels
  • Total: Reclaiming 393 million pounds of CO2
    • Chicory Wealth is reclaiming 237,258 pounds of CO2
  • Groundbreaking: Summer 2023
  • Generating Clean Energy: Spring 2024