Fee Only Financial Planner


Chicory Wealth is a fee only financial planning firm. But what is a fee only financial planner? Or a fiduciary registered investment advisor? And for that matter, what is the difference between a financial advisor, a financial planner, financial planning and financial wealth management?

It’s no wonder people get confused about these terms – there are many, and they’re sometimes used interchangeably. But there are differences between the terms, and we want you to understand them and be clear how Chicory Wealth uses them. A financial advisor is a more general term than financial planner. A financial advisor offers people or organizations a variety of money-related services and financial guidance. A financial advisor may have a particular focus, such as investing, brokering funds, selling products, helping with taxes, financial planning, or a combination of some of these and more. Different financial advisors offer different financial services.

A financial planner is a type of financial advisor specifically trained to help clients with their long-term financial goals. While they might have a focus on retirement, estate planning, investments, or a combination of several areas, the goal is an overall financial plan for the client. Financial planners usually hold licenses or designations. For instance, Chicory Wealth’s CEO, Maggie Kulyk, is a CRPC® or Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor, and our five financial planners are CFP® (Certified Financial Planners); some hold other credentials as well. In addition, Chicory Wealth is a fiduciary registered investment advisor. We are an independent company, and as a fiduciary, we are legally required to act in our clients’ best interests. We must avoid conflicts of interest, operate with full transparency, and put our clients first. We have always operated as a fiduciary and welcome and embrace this requirement.

Now for the fee only part. Chicory Wealth’s basic services are holistic Financial Life Planning and socially responsible investing. We are a fee only financial planner because our compensation is not tied to commissions. Clients pay a flat fee for our financial planning services, depending on the complexity of their financial situation, and a separate asset management fee for investing. But that’s it – again, we are not compensated by commissions; thus, fee only

Specific information about our Financial Life Planning costs can be found HERE.




We understand that life throws curve balls and that uncertainty and change are part of the human experience. Because of this, we focus first on your most cherished dreams and values in order to develop an initial holistic Financial Life Plan. Then, we provide you with the necessary ongoing support to implement that plan and adapt it over time. Our process is agile, responsive, continuous, and most importantly, heart-centered.


The base price for the initial four-stage Financial Life Planning process is $3500. The cost of ongoing support and implementation is dependent on your situation and complexity and is determined after the initial planning stages are complete. This support includes (but is not limited to) asset management, detailed cash flow planning and coaching, charitable gift planning and implementation, coordination and planning with other outside advisors such as estate planners and insurance professionals, and detailed tax analysis. Tax preparation is also available upon request.



We begin by gathering information from you and learning about each other. We discuss the past, the present, and the future, determine goals and priorities, and clarify resources – both quantifiable and those that are more intangible. Next, we develop the initial Financial Life Plan tailored to you and make recommendations with specific suggestions as to how best to bring these recommendations to your life.


After this initial life planning process, we move into the implementation phase and work with you to accomplish the specifics of your plan, based on your priorities. In addition to regularly scheduled sessions, we are always available to hold impromptu conversations as questions, concerns, or changes arise. We are available to interact with you face-to-face, virtually through video conferencing, via phone, or by email – whichever best fits your situation.