Holistic Financial Life Planning

What is Holistic Financial Life Planning?

Money is an integral part of our society; we need a certain amount of it for survival. But beyond that it’s sometimes hard to know how much is “enough,” and it can be hard to keep money in its proper perspective in our lives. At Chicory Wealth, we offer holistic Financial Life Planning to help you integrate money into the total tapestry of your life and your community.

These are some of the questions we can help answer:

  • I need help analyzing whether my resources are truly supporting my values – how do I do this? Can I learn more about ESG Investing, impact investing, shareholder advocacy, or other strategies to see if they are right for me?
  • What are the best ways for me to share my resources through charitable giving?
  • One of my goals is a to leave money to my children or to an organization that means a lot to me – how can I best plan for that?
  • Should I set up a trust for my special needs family member, and if so, how would I go about that?
  • I’m conflicted about dealing with money – how can I get out from under the emotional baggage of my finances?
  • Can I connect with an outside organization so my resources can have added impact?
  • What’s the best way for me to use my time, energy, and money to make the world a better place?



The base price for the initial four-stage Financial Life Planning process is $3500.

The cost of ongoing support and implementation is dependent on your situation and complexity and is determined after the initial planning stages are complete. This support includes (but is not limited to) asset management, detailed cash flow planning and coaching, charitable gift planning and implementation, coordination and planning with other outside advisors such as estate planners and insurance professionals, and detailed tax analysis. Tax preparation is also available upon request.



We begin by gathering information from you and learning about each other. We discuss the past, the present, and the future, determine goals and priorities, and clarify resources – both quantifiable and those that are more intangible. Next, we develop the initial Financial Life Plan tailored to you and make recommendations with specific suggestions as to how best to bring these recommendations to your life. For most clients, we also manage their socially responsible investing portfolio.

After this initial life planning process, we move into the implementation phase and work with you to accomplish the specifics of your plan, based on your priorities. In addition to regularly scheduled sessions, we are always available to hold impromptu conversations as questions, concerns, or changes arise. We are available to interact with you face-to-face, virtually through video conferencing, via phone, or by email – whichever best fits your situation.