Holistic Financial Life Planning

What is Holistic Financial Life Planning?


Money is an integral part of our society; we need a certain amount of it for survival. But beyond that it’s sometimes difficult to know how much is “enough,” and it can be hard to keep money in its proper perspective. At Chicory Wealth, we offer holistic Financial Life Planning to help you understand that perspective and to integrate money into the total tapestry of your life and your community.

Throughout the holistic Financial Life Planning process, we help you clarify your values, priorities, circumstances, and aspirations, then guide you in defining and designing your unique version of a rich and meaningful life. We then help you implement this plan and continue to work with you as your life and circumstances shift over time.


Chicory Wealth’s Financial Life Planning and asset management services include both quantitative and qualitative aspects:

  • The quantitative aspect involves the “nuts and bolts” of your Financial Life Plan and its implementation and may include a number of elements, such as goal prioritization, a summary of your current financial situation, cash flow analysis, a review of insurance needs, tax planning strategies, education planning, legacy planning, recommendations for asset allocation, portfolio management services (including ESG Investing, impact investing, and shareholder advocacy), and others, depending on your financial situation.


  • The qualitative aspect relates to your feelings about your money as well as the orientation of your heart in terms of how you want to use those resources in the service of your values. We work with you to help you clarify your values, goals, priorities, and potential transitions and present our recommendations for realizing your aspirations. We help prepare you to meet the unexpected obstacles that inevitably come along with resilience and confidence. And we will be with you to nurture and celebrate your progress toward more mindful financial decision-making and well-being.



The cost of this comprehensive and holistic Financial Life Planning process is based on the following formula: 1% of your household’s gross income plus 0.5% of your household’s net worth. This fee includes direct management of assets on our platform; there is no additional asset management fee.

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