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Charitable giving is a natural outgrowth of a person’s healthy, mature relationship with money

Chicory Clients Support the Wider Community

We know that charitable giving is key to financial health, but we do it for the peace and joy it brings. The original name of this group was Maggie’s Giving Group, in honor of our CEO Maggie Kulyk who started it in 2007. In early 2023 the name was changed to Chicory Giving Group to reflect its growing impact.

Each year Chicory Wealth’s clients nominate organizations to be considered as beneficiaries of an annual fundraising event. Chicory Giving Group board members then choose two final organizations. Our goals align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all. As of 2022, Chicory Giving Group had raised approximately $162,000 for community organizations since its inception in 2007.

Announcing the 2023 Chicory Giving Group Charities

We are excited to announce the two charities we’ll be fundraising for at our October 7 event in Atlanta, Georgia: Ahimsa House and Conservation Fisheries, Inc.! We hope you will consider donating to one or both of them, either in person at the event, or otherwise. If you will be donating but won’t be attending the event, we would appreciate you letting us know about your donation, so we can keep a tally of how much is raised. Contact us at [email protected] to let us know about your Chicory Giving Group donation. And thank you!

Please watch the short video below about these two organizations.

Ahimsa House Logo

Ahimsa House, which is pronounced “uh-HIM-sah” and means “nonviolence” in Sanskrit, was founded in 2004 by Emily Christie after she lost a pet to domestic violence. Ahimsa House became Georgia’s first and only organization dedicated to helping the human and animal victims of domestic violence reach safety together. Services include a 24-hour statewide crisis line, veterinary care, assistance in transporting pets, pet food and supplies, assistance in including pets in safety planning, and legal advocacy to assist victims.

Conservation Fisheries Inc. is dedicated to the preservation of aquatic biodiversity in rivers and streams by working to slow the increasing imperilment of native freshwater fishes in the Southeastern United States. In their efforts, they have propagated more than 80 non-game fish species, including some of the most imperiled species in the Southeast. Whether they are supporting fish populations that are in decline or propagating fish for other facilities, they are the leaders in propagating rare and difficult-to-collect species.

Other 2023 Nominations

There are so many amazing organizations out there doing great work in our communities. Here are the other organizations that were nominated for Chicory Giving Group this year. We hope you will explore all of them.

  • The mission of Atlanta Pride is to advance unity, visibility, and wellness among persons with widely diverse gender and sexual identities through cultural, social, political, and educational programs and activities.
  • Backpack Buddies provides weekend meals to food-insecure children throughout metro Atlanta, working to enhance their mental and physical health as well as their ability to learn.
  • Happy Paw is an animal rescue non-profit in Kyiv, Ukraine, supporting and taking care of animals in shelters throughout Ukraine. It has been in operation for more 10 years, but now that they are in a war zone, the need has drastically grown.
  • KirkCats, Inc. is an example of an effective neighborhood effort, this one dedicated to caring for homeless cats in the Kirkwood neighborhood of Atlanta.
  • Muttville, in California, reaches out to senior dogs at risk, gives them the care they need, and finds them loving forever homes.
  • PAWS Atlanta is a no-kill shelter that provides spay and neutering services, medical care, and adoption facilities for homeless and unwanted pets.
  • Paws Between Homes serves low-income households in Atlanta by providing temporary foster homes, supplies, and veterinary care to the pets of people who are getting evicted or otherwise losing their housing.
  • Pet Buddies Food Pantry is a community outreach program seeking to increase the overall health and well-being of pets in underserved communities in the Atlanta area. They work hard to build trusting relationships and establish an ongoing positive presence in the communities they help.
  • Petey and Furends Inc. is a nonprofit no-kill animal rescue organization dedicated to reducing instances of neglect, abuse, and homelessness in companion animals.
  • Pets for Vets Atlanta works to enrich the lives of veterans by creating a bond with custom trained working animals.
  • Positive Tracks (“Sweat For Good”) equips young people ages 12-25 with the skills, knowledge, and resources needed to change the world through the power of physical activity.
  • Project Chimps provides lifetime care to chimpanzees used in research, who have been caged their whole lives. The organization cares for the animals on its 230-acre forested sanctuary in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Georgia. Many more are awaiting space.
  • Wild Nest Bird Rehab is a volunteer-run organization in Georgia caring for and rehabilitating native birds that have been injured or orphaned. It also educates people about the threats birds face and solutions to prevent injuries.
  • Women of the World Endowment (WoWE) invests in sustainable communities and economies by centralizing women and people of color as leaders in solving the world’s biggest challenges.

The Nomination Process for Chicory Giving Group


  • 2020 — No Category Priority (Due to these unique COVID-19 impacted times, we paused in 2020 from prioritizing any one of our three broad categories)
  • 2021 & 2024 — Environment/Sustainability
  • 2018 & 2022 — People
  • 2019 & 2023 — Animals

A non-profit nomination:

  • Must be an IRS 501(c)3 qualified charity
  • Must serve a vulnerable/underserved population
  • Must appeal to a broad demographic of Chicory Wealth clients
  • Must have a clear and compelling mission
  • Must generate direct, tangible results
  • Must be well-managed
  • Must demonstrate likelihood of being a sustainable organization
  • Must be able to make a real impact from the projected $4,000 to $7,000 typically raised by our event
  • Does NOT need to be local to metro Atlanta, given that a growing portion of Chicory Wealth clients now live outside of Georgia; it may be a small global organization
  • Should not be a prior recipient of Chicory Giving Group funds

Our Past Projects

See all the organizations Chicory Giving Group has partnered with in the past.

2022 Charities

Click below to see an update from our 2022 charities on how they used the funds we raised.

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