At Chicory Wealth we talk a lot about “values.” In fact, we’d say that the cornerstone of the work we do with clients is helping them align their money lives with their deepest values.

Most of us intuitively know what we value, or think we do, but few of us spend much time thinking about and articulating those values. It’s actually a great exercise and can reveal some surprises! We encourage all of you to consider taking a stab at writing down a list of what you value, because being clear in your mind about your values can help clarify the decisions you make as you navigate life.

Because we like to walk our talk, the team at Chicory Wealth recently took on this task as a group. We wanted to be crystal clear with ourselves and those we serve about the foundational values on which our work is based. It was an enlightening practice and we’re happy to share the outcome with you. (You can also find this list, along with our mission statement, right here.)




Shared Sense of Purpose

We are engaged in noble, meaningful work that creates enduring value for our clients, our communities, and the wider world.


We strive to listen with the “ears of the heart” and to seek out the deeper meaning and bolder vision embedded in the stories shared with us. We encourage ourselves and our clients to use our resources in a way that serves the planet and future generations.


As advocates and guides, we offer encouragement and clarity, not simply technical knowledge. We continually strive to deepen our relationships, so we are able to offer the best possible insights at the most critical moments, leading to the most optimal outcomes.


We are present and available during the most joyous and most tragic times, as well as the quieter, transitional moments in between.


We seek to be genuine and open in our connections with others, so we can uphold our commitment to the betterment of our clients and the world – for generations to come.


We hope this list rings true to you on some level. If it does or if it doesn’t, we welcome your feedback! And if you know of others who would likely resonate with these values, please let them know about our practice and invite them to ring us up for a complimentary get-to-know-each-other call. We love client referrals!