Our nation is at a pivotal moment. It is a chaotic moment, but it is at the edge of chaos that thresholds emerge, if we choose to enter. At Chicory Wealth, we believe it is time – way past time – to embrace the change being called for right now on the streets of our country: a dismantling and reimagining of the institutions and systems that prop up white supremacy, sanctioned brutality, and entrenched racism.

You might agree with that sentiment but wonder where and how to best channel your energy and resources amidst the turbulence. We are grappling with that question too, but through our connections with strong, organizational partners, we are learning. Several people have reached out to us for advice about how to help when it comes to financial strategies, so we have gathered a few resources for you. This is just a sampling, of course – you likely have resources of your own and could share some with us.

Change of this magnitude will not come from one direction, but from many creative solutions working together toward the same larger goal. Use what works for you. And if you have questions, ideas, resources, or need help, reach out to us. We’re here for you.


The Financial Activist Playbook for Supporting Black Lives, a June 3, 2020, article in Medium by Jasmine Rashid, is an excellent resource for understanding your money’s role in racial injustice and how to change that role. “Where you bank, how you spend, and what you invest in matters for Black lives.”


Invest in Racial Justice is a group of people who have each pledged to give at least $5 per month directly to a racial justice organization led by people of color. “We believe that the best way to fund social change is through small, recurring donations from ordinary people.”


The Answer to Police Violence is Not ‘Reform.’ It’s defunding. Here’s Why, is a recent article in The Guardian by Alex S Vitale, author of the 2017 book The End of Policing, and helps explain the concept of “defunding the police,” which may be new to many of us. “We must demand that local politicians develop non-police solutions to the problems poor people face.”


Women Donors Network is one place we have looked for advice on where to most effectively donate money. (Our CEO and Founder Maggie Kulyk is on the board of WDN.) The Women Donors Network is a long-established nonprofit that funds organizations on the front lines of change. Below are some of the organizations they are recommending. You might also consider donating to a local organization in your own community. There are many.


For those who want to support organizers in Minnesota:


For those who want to support organizers in Louisville, KY:


For those who want to donate on a national level:


This is certainly not an exhaustive list – it’s just a start. But we must start somewhere. At Chicory Wealth, we will continue to research, learn, listen, and look deeply into our own investment decisions and systemic structures. Thank you for being there with us as we move forward.



Photo by Bui Bao of Unsplash