When Can I Retire?

Visualize Your Future

Whether you call it by the traditional term “retirement,” “your 2.5 or encore life,” or – as they joyously refer to it in Spain – “jubilación,” most of us foresee a day in our future when we will want to or will need to stop working in our primary profession. What that next stage will look like differs for everyone, and our job at Chicory Wealth is to help you visualize that future and create a path to get there. This is one of the key components of financial life planning.

These are some of the questions we can help answer:

  • When I look back at my life, what do I want to have achieved or experienced, and will I likely have the resources to make it happen?
  • When should I transition to my next phase, and what are the steps to get there?
  • How do I get the money out of the various “buckets” into which I’ve saved and in what order should I do this?
  • What are the tax implications of withdrawing money from my accounts?
  • When should I take my Social Security?
  • What happens to my plan when I start experiencing physical constraints – and how do I plan for a quality end of life?

Let us help you realize your financial goals and your vision for a better world.