This month marks the official launch of our partnership with carbon solutions platform Clearloop®, a Silicon Ranch Company helping businesses reclaim their carbon footprint and expand access to clean energy. They do this by developing solar projects that decarbonize the grid and invest in American communities otherwise getting left behind. We are proud to be a part of this effort and hope you will explore our webpage devoted to this partnership HERE.


Timeline of Chicory Wealth’s Climate Commitment


October 2020 – Chicory Wealth Becomes a B Corp

Our year-long process to become a certified B Corp was completed in 2020, meaning our company demonstrates the B Corp high standards of social and environmental performance. As part of that process, we began discussing our goal of becoming carbon neutral.


January 2021 – Chicory Wealth Becomes a Completely Virtual Business

Our business started in 2002 with an office in Decatur, Georgia. Over the years – and with increased new technologies — we welcomed more clients from outside of Georgia, meeting with them online. We also added team members from other parts of the country. In 2021 we sold our office and became a completely virtual business with all employees working from home offices. This not only increased the diversity of our team and clients, it decreased our carbon footprint. But there was more work to do.


July 2021 – Chicory Wealth Connects with Clearloop

We began talking with representatives from Clearloop in 2021, and with their help, we developed a system for tracking the carbon emissions created by our home offices, travel, mailings, and supplies. We calculated our emissions back through 2018.


April 2022 – Chicory Wealth Makes a Climate Commitment

As a certified B Corp, we were able to join the B Corp Climate Collective with other businesses ready to address their part in the climate crisis. We made the “SME Climate Commitment” to take action to halve greenhouse gas emissions before 2030, achieve net zero emissions before 2050, and disclose our progress on a yearly basis.


November 2022 – We Partner with Clearloop’s Panola County Project

By signing up with Clearloop, we are countering the carbon we generate by helping build renewable solar facilities in communities across the U.S. that don’t currently have access to clean energy. We’re helping develop a solar project in a community on the eastern edge of the Mississippi Delta in Panola County. Though it’s identified as a distressed community, it is resilient and focused on the future. Bringing solar capacity there will add clean energy into their grid, supporting a more equitable transition to decarbonization and the health and economic benefits that follow.


2023 – Planned Groundbreaking for the Panola County Projects

Groundbreaking for the Panola County Projects, which will build 10 million watts of new solar capacity, is set for the summer of 2023, with the hope to start generating clean energy in spring 2024.



You can read more about how we calculated our carbon emissions and how Clearloop works to offset these emissions in our June 2022 blog post, “Chicory Wealth Going Carbon Neutral with the Help of Clearloop.”



And please join us for an online webinar about this partnership on Thursday, December 20, when our CEO Maggie Kulyk welcomes Emily Fairbank of Clearloop for a discussion about our connection.

You can find the details about the webinar HERE.